KeHE Distributors

Application for Holiday Show Exhibit Space

Please complete all sections of this application. Incomplete applications or contracts without full payments will not be processed. Checks should be made payable to the KeHE Holiday Show. Payment must be received by Friday, March 31. Any exhibitor with an outstanding balance will not be able to move in until payment is received.

Only original contracts received from exhibitors participating in the KeHE Marketing Program with full payment will be processed & considered for space assignment. If you have any questions about this program, please contact your KeHE category manager. All promotional offerings must be submitted to KeHE no later than Friday, March 31, 2017. All new items to be showcased at this show must be submitted to KeHE no later than Friday, March 24, 2017. Promotions should be entered via KeHE's online portal

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1. Company Information

Please complete the following required information. Note: All exhibit related information will be sent to the contact person's attention.

(as printed on booth sign) Characters left:

(no more than three brands can be showcased per booth)

If you are not participating in this program your application will be placed on hold until confirmation of participation has been received.

Contact Person Information

(will be used exclusively for all Show confirmations and communications)

2. Broker Information (if applicable)

Please complete this section if you use broker services. This information will be used to coordinate Exhibit Hall assignments. All applications submitted after November 4 are not guaranteed to be in their broker's aisle.

National KeHE Headquarter Broker Company

Other Broker Company

KeHE Secondary Broker Company

Other Broker Company

3. Booth Fees

If a spot becomes available, you will be invoiced for payment via Credit Card.

Pay by Check
Pay by Credit Card
*Payment must be received by March 31, 2017
Full Booth (10' wide x 10' deep)
New and Small Vendor Full Booth (10' wide x 10' deep)
**New and Small Vendor Booth Rate: to qualify an exhibitor must be new to KeHE Distributors within the 6 months prior to the show they wish to participate in, or be an existing vendor with 400 points of distribution or less.**
Fresh Product Full Booth (10' wide x 10' deep)
**Fresh Products Booths available to Deli, Dairy & Fresh Bakery Vendors**
Number of booths x $/booth = $

*You must check this box in order to purchase a Premier Endcap.
An end cap requires the purchase of two booths and is exposed to aisles on three sides. (first come, first serve)

4. Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Aisle Carpet Decals
$1,500.00 Limit 10
Database Purchase
$2,000.00 Limit 10
Branded Banners
$3,500.00 Limit 4
Kitchen Pavilion
$3,500.00 Limit 20
$4,500.00 Exclusive
Conference Bags
$6,000.00 Exclusive
Keynote Speaker
$10,000.00 Exclusive
Hotel Keycards
$10,000.00 Exclusive
After Show Party
$15,000.00 Exclusive
OnTrend TM Pavilion
$1,800.00 1 Slot (list after aisle carpet decals)
OnTrend TM Pavilion
$3,000.00 2 Slots 15 available
Please contact me for Food and Beverage Sponsorship Opportunities
I have products that are new to KeHE within the last 6 months, and would be interested in learning more about participating in the New Products Showcase

5. Execution of Contract

We agree to abide by all rules and regulations governing the tradeshow as printed in the exhibitor rules and regulations included in the exhibitor prospectus which are a part of this application. Acceptance of this application by the KeHE Show Management constitutes a contract.

You will receive an email upon submitting this form. The email will serve as your invoice and application acknowledgement.

Once you hit submit, Please DO NOT click the back button on your web browser.